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The Road to Anthony Carmine is a series created by Seamus in the game Gears of War 3, a third-person shooter in a post-apocalypse planet. The main objective for it is to get Anthony Carmine.


Due to Seamus' respect for the Carmine family, three (four, one brother not seen) brothers that die in every game, Anthony Carmine died due to a headshot in the first game, Ben Carmine died due being eaten by a giant worm in the second (Clayton Carmine did, however, not die in the third Gears), he set out to get the Anthony Carmine model for his player, which requires to be level 75. He is currently trying to get to 75.

Possible CancellationEdit

After the 36th episode of Road to Anthony Carmine, no future episodes were released. However, in Seamus's RAAM's Shadow walkthrough, he said he would get back to it eventually, but has not got to it. This is possible that Seamus won't complete the series.